San Marcos Dike Swarm (SMDS) of
Northern Baja California:

A Poster Session Presented at the
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

November 7-10, 2004

Colorado Convention Center

Denver, Colorado



First Poster: (click on an area to go to an expanded view)

Poster 1 - Clickable Map La Mision Highway 3 Rancho San Marcos Area PRB Map Overall Location Map Peninsular Ranges Batholith Overview Tres Hermanos Area Ojos Negros Area El Alamo Area no link

Second Poster: (also "clickable")

Poster 2 - Clickable Map Age Petrography Structure SMDS vs SPV Trace Element Geochemistry 1999 Trace Element Geochemistry 2002 Miscellaneous Geochemistry no link

And the References Page...

SMDS References

Here are Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf's) of the posters, if you have the bandwidth (and the desire)...

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